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Strategic pricing tools
for subscription companies

Convert better and grow faster. Iterate on pricing without writing code.

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Designed for SaaS companies

and anyone who sells products through Stripe


Localize prices with just a few clicks

Euros for the Eurozone, Rupees for India, Yen for Japan.
Haiku® Optimizer is the easiest way to localize prices for Stripe — no code required.

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    Adjust currencies and prices anywhere in the world in minutes.

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    Easily enact price localization with Optimizer’s map-based editor. Experiment, iterate, and roll back at will.

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    Find the right price for the right buyer. Boost checkout conversions by up to 30%.

Smart Pricing

Make informed pricing decisions from the comfort of a single dashboard.

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    Optimizer shows Purchase Power Parity (PPP), currency conversions, and other heuristics to suggest localized pricing.

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    Use Smart Pricing as your final price or simply a starting point. The choice is yours.

Iterate, measure, repeat

What good’s a strategy without measurement? Optimizer offers built-in reporting so you can understand which locales are your worst- and best-performers.

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    Understand how geography is impacting your bottom line.

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    Measure performance for each geography through built-in reporting across MRR, ARR, and churn.

Custom integration is a breeze

Optimizer offers a GraphQL API & convenient SDKs — powerful developer tools for custom integrations. On-premises deployments are available, too.

Need an assist?

Our Integration Team is available to assist with integration, no matter the complexity of your billing system.

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